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A few years back, I had a chance to attend numeral trade shows in Moscow, Oslo, Milan ...

If you had the same opportunity as well, probably you know how many different people you can meet at your booth.

Guess, you will agree that it's a kind of challenge to find a touch point with all of them.

I do not want and even do not have enough competency to analyze deep reasons, but the most skeptical and tricky visitors I've met, were in Moscow (with all my respect and any criticism).

But actually, that was very good, because there I've got a good lesson, I would say a magic trick, how to communicate with such visitors and even convert them to fans.

To understand the magic, let's do a simple experiment.

If you have your Linkedin account, look to your news feed what businesses there talk about.

80-90 % of them talk about themselves.


When you talk about your products and services, people turn on logical thinking. They start to analyze, compare, search for other solutions, criticize ...

As they have unlimited access to the information, they feel they are smart buyers. Thus more arguments and manipulation do not work here anymore.

It is difficult to sell to these customers.

The same thing happened to me.

Now, let's look at this case from the other side.

Who do you create your products for? For your client.

What does your client want?

Client invests to a better his future. And your product is the way to reach this.

As you tell him this right, he agrees. That's it.

Just do not talk here how amazing your products are. Forget about them for a moment.

A customer has problems and has no idea how to solve them - this is his story.

Your products or service can help to solve these problems. This is a happy ending of the story.

When you use customer's story and show him the future – the TRUST emerges.

There is no place for doubt. No place to controvert.

When I changed my conversation tactic to this, I noticed how fast even the most skeptical visitors change their posture.

So try to avoid monologue about your products' or service's features. Only one - two sentences.

Turn your speech as fast as possible about your visitor's problem.

Ask him again and again ... Let him talk again and again.

Imagine that you sell nothing.

Only after you will understand the pain point you can try to show him the future.

It's so simple, but it changes everything.

Whenever you communicate with customers, whatever product you sell, whatever service you provide ...

Later I found how to explain this phenomenon.

When you talk about what you do or what you have, information comes to a human brain's part, called neocortex. This part of the brain is responsible for rational and analytical thought.

But it has no ability for decision-making.

When you talk about customer's problems your conversation turns into an emotional level. The information then comes to limbic brains. This part is responsible for our feelings, like TRUST.

This is where decision-making comes from.

But I guess you know that.

The problem is that we quite often forget about it and always come back to the "we are leading company ...", "we have ...", "we can...".

Well, it requires a little bit of training, but you will be surprised by the result.

I hope that my story will help you to remember this simple magic in the next trade show.

Good luck.

Vaidas Saltenis, CEO at Exponeer

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